With all together a few centuries of experience you can be sure that your products are in good hands with our team. Their expertise in the fields of customer service, product quality, product parameters and product deviations gets applied constantly. Also noticing the potential presence of unwanted impurities, insects or for example mites is obviously included.

Our teams:

Customer Support

E-mail (for incoming goods, sampling): intake@devrijmoerkapelle.nl
E-mail (for outgoing goods, export documentation, transfers, transport): outtake@devrijmoerkapelle.nl

Ricardo Zeestraten

Tymen Mos

Jessica Peters

Erik van Laar

Floortje Vermeulen

Production, Planning, Processing

E-mail: processing@devrijmoerkapelle.nl

Boyd Klove

Quality & Safety

E-mail: dennis@devrijmoerkapelle.nl

Dennis Schmitz

Financial department

E-mail: (for general financial questions) finance@devrijmoerkapelle.nl
E-mail: (for sending creditors invoices) invoices@devrijmoerkapelle.nl

Thijs van den Bulk

Maaike Brugman

Monique Eindhoven

Patricia Bot

Managing board/account management

E-mail: (Aad de Vrij) aad@devrijmoerkapelle.nl
E-mail: (Inge Broers) inge@devrijmoerkapelle.nl

Aad de Vrij

Inge Broers
Managing Director

Arjan Wit
Managing Director


For answering questions about and giving quotes or advice for storing, processing, packing and/or transporting your goods we are happy to be of service. Please feel free to contact us.

Telephone: +31 (0) 79 – 593 1432
E-mail address: info@devrijmoerkapelle.nl