The name P. de Vrij Moerkapelle represents 90 years of experience, reliability and expertise when it comes to storing and processing of grains and seeds. The grandfather or our CEO Aad de Vrij, started out as a collector and broker for the grain producing farmers in the region. Their grains were harvested in winter time and were to be sold to millers and feed producers.

Back in 1934 the company expanded to two warehouses just outside of Moerkapelle and the years that followed were characterized by a steady growth of the trade in sowing seed and potatoes. By the end of the eighties Aad’s father, who was the owner at that time, decided to expand the services from merely warehousing to cleaning of seeds and grains. Father Piet is to this day the name-giver to the company.

Service provider

Presently the company focusses on service providing only. P. de Vrij Moerkapelle BV no longer buys or sells any goods. Aad de Vrij: ”We do not want to be a competitor to our customers. We do not import nor sell any products and all the information from our customers is kept confidential. Especially since we are the eyes, ears and nose for our customers. When a containers comes in we are the ones to open it and see the cargo. We check if everything is okay, the customer is normally not present during unloading. And that is also not necessary since their, often expensive, cargo is in good hands with us.”

Which was once a storage shed of 2.000 square meters is now a warehouse of over 40.000 square meters. Back in 1995 the company employed only 4 people while currently the number exceeds 40. However, the direct and customer focused approach which is so typical for a family business remains the norm. “We believe in short communication lines, adaptiveness and a personal approach,” says Aad.

Continued growth will be the foreseeable future. “We will continue to make sure that our certifications remain up-to-date. And we apply the most modern techniques.”


For answering questions about and giving quotes or advice for storing, processing, packing and/or transporting your goods we are happy to be of service. Please feel free to contact us.

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