Our location, Moerkapelle in the Netherlands, is very favorable from a logistics point of view. We are close to Europe’s largest harbor, Rotterdam, and close to several main highways like the A12 and A20.


Our main location is Moerkapelle where our offices are and where the majority of the activities take place. We have approximately 15.000 square meters of storage space available at this location which is allocated to both packaged and bulk goods. Herbs and spices can and are being stored while fully separated from the odorless goods. Furthermore we offer temperature controlled storage space here.

With, amongst others, the 7 different machine (cleaning) lines we can offer a wide range of possibilities when it comes to processing your goods and we can do so tailor made.

Moerkapelle also houses the so-called allergen production line. On this brand new machine line we clean allergen containing products such as gluten, sesame and mustard seed in a fully separated and closed off production area. This means that products containing allergens are never cleaned on the same line as the non-allergenic materials, nor that this is even being done in the same building.

Our second location is Waddinxveen, also in The Netherlands, where we have approximately 23.000 square meters of storage space.

Whether it being food, feed or spices, in bags, boxes, big bags or bulk; we can store it.


Through several certification schemes food safety and organic integrity remain guaranteed. We are certified for the following programs:

  • FSCC 2000 (Food Safety)
  • Organic according to EU Regulations EU 834/2007 and 889/2008 + NOP/USDA + BioSuisse
  • GMP+ (Feed Safety)

Besides that we carry the AEO-certificate which makes us an Authorized Economic Operator which makes that customs affairs are (partially) simplified and thus made easier.

Furthermore we have a permit to store and process in-transit goods.

Service provider
de Vrij Moerkapelle BV is a 100% service provider. This means we are not commercially active in the markets of our customers plus we are fully independent of third parties. Confidentiality, knowledge of your products, a hands-on mentality and acting swiftly are in our DNA and more importantly; in the DNA of our employees.


Since we have been active in the raw material market for food and feed for many years, we know these markets well. Both nationally and internationally. We remain close to our customers and are aware of the developments and challenges that occur. We think in line with our customers and serve as a sparring partner as well as a supplier of practical and innovative solutions.

Furthermore we are a member of the Dutch Spice Trade Association (www.specerijenvereniging.nl) and through them of the European Spice Association (www.esa-spices.org). We are also a member of the Royal Dutch Grain and Feed Trade Association (www.graan.com) plus we are sponsor of the Bioborrel (www.debioborrel.nl); a Dutch networking initiative to bring together the organic market


For answering questions about and giving quotes or advice for storing, processing, packing and/or transporting your goods we are happy to be of service. Please feel free to contact us.

Telephone: +31 (0) 79 – 593 1432
E-mail address: info@devrijmoerkapelle.nl